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Truth About Secrets Never in a million years could seventeen-year-old Annabel have imagined her boyfriend Bryce would murder her parents. But he did.

Six months after the murders, Annabel and her sister head to Los Angeles to live with their aunt and uncle. Because of what Bryce destroyed of her life, Annabel's plan is to keep her distance and avoid establishing relationships, especially with guys.

Then she meets Tyler Larson, a former actor and fellow senior at her new high school. The chemistry is there, but neither one can share the secrets they're harboring about their pasts.

As Annabel reads her mother's journal, she secretly struggles with the concept of forgiveness, while Tyler also searches for peace from his haunting mistakes. But eventually, the truth always comes out. Raw and painful, The Truth about Secrets explores falling in love through the eyes of two people who find it impossible to reveal everything that has made them who they are.

THE TRUTH ABOUT SECRETS is a Christian Young Adult Novel put out by the Untapped imprint.

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